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garden designs

The Attention Spots In Your Garden

Gardens are beautiful, earthy and give a person not only a feeling of being one with nature, but of being a part of nature and its seasonal cycle. Many garden designs also focus on a kind of centerpiece, the main attraction that they want all eyes to fall on and there are methods to designing […]


Azalea – The Princess Of Your Garden

There is one famous sweet fragrance flower, which is known as the royal among all other flowers. This flower is called Azalea and would give colorful and classy images in your garden. Azalea can be seen in many varieties, but what its best feature is; almost all of them can be easily grown on any […]

Venus flytrap

Different Kinds Of Plants Found All Over The World

There are different species of plants out there unique in their foliage, colors and uses. Others have been domesticated by gardeners with a keen eye while others are still natives of the wild. Here are some few unique different kinds of plants out there: The different kinds of plants and their origins Firstly, there is […]


Who Says A Wet Garden Can Get The Most Beautiful Flowers

Do you know which are the best flowers growing in wet soil? Here are several suggestions for wet soil gardens, which are waiting to be turned into paradise places. One of the most beautiful flowers, which give pink, white and yellow colors, is the Canna. Make sure you sow it in places, unreachable for frosts […]

cyclamen pink

Cyclamen Make Your House Look Truly Magical

Cyclamens or correctly known as “Cyclamen persicum” are one of those flowers, which open the look of your garden in bright colors. All you have to know while growing cyclamens is that they are Mediterranean plants and typically come into growth in autumn, grow in the winter and in the spring. In order to help […]

brussels sprouts

Brussels Sprouts Are Not That Big Of Adventure

Now is the perfect time for sowing the delicious Brussels sprouts! Make sure that you are meeting few simple criteria for growing them and you will be surprised that is actually not so difficult. If you want this vegetable to find place in your garden, then you should know several facts about it. First and […]

greenhouse garden

Protect The Garden Without Pesticides

If you used to have a wonderful looking garden and after a while you started observing troublesome signs and a slow but sure evolution towards death, the cause may for sure be pests. Before turning to pesticides which can damage both your health and the environment, consider other plants or insects to make the pests […]


February Daphne – A White February Smile

Perhaps you don’t know that “D. Mezereum” is the name of one of the first spring flowers, known especially for its beauty – the February Daphne. The tender plant is among the first early flowering plants, which come after the winter and it’s often preferred by gardeners because of its never drying root-system. The common […]


First Time Gardeners Can Find The Gardening Quite Easy

For those of you, who discover the first steps in gardening, here are few gardening tips for everyone, who wants to have good garden. The first and most important is the place- one should never forget vegetables love the sun and require six hours sunlight each day. The needed soil for the best vegetables is […]

sunflower plant

Growing Sunflowers To Add Beauty To Your Gardening Space

Sunflowers are one of the most cheerful and useful flowers. Growing sunflowers will certainly add some beauty to your gardening space. These sun loving plants is very easy to grow and make a wonderful and bright contribution to your garden. Their seeds provide delicious wholesome treats for you to snack on and they can also […]