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How Container Gardening Works?

How Container Gardening Works?

For some people there is nothing better than the beauty of being surrounded by nature. This is why gardening has always been viewed as a favorite pastime and hobby. It can be a very rewarding hobby but what if you live in an apartment or you do not have enough space for a proper garden? […]

growing vegetables chart1

Guidelines For Growing Vegetables Chart

There is nothing quite like the delight of growing your own vegetables. Growing your own vegetables organically ensures healthful produce and saves you the high prices of organically grown produce at the grocery store. Different vegetables require different conditions to thrive. The table below provides general guidelines for growing vegetables. (Click on the Image for […]

Growing potatoes

How To Grow Potatoes At Home The Easy Way?

Being a gardener, you want your garden to comprise of a wide variety of vegetables and other edibles to blend in with the lovely foliage and colors of flowers. Potatoes are one of these vegetables. Having being planted for many years now, potatoes can be used in many ways in the kitchen, from salads to […]

dividing perennials

Separate And Spread Them To Encourage Them Grow

Spring is the perfect time for dividing your perennials. In case you want to keep your plants healthy, you need to divide them every three years. The perennials that grow quickly are known for forming big clumps. Dividing is useful in order to protect the clumps. Make sure your perennials aren’t overcrowded, because that is […]

indoor herb pot

Improvised Pots For Your Indoor Herb Garden

We are fond of throwing away things which are still usable or recyclable. Empty milk cans, old jars, and even basins can still be recycled into something useful especially in making an indoor herb garden. Nowadays, you have to be practical especially when it comes to gardening. Growing plants like herbs doesn’t require new pots […]

flower garden

Do You Want A Flower Garden? Keep It Simple

Flower gardens are fascinating because of the amazing combination of colors they bring and also because of the big impression they make on bystanders regarding the skills of the gardener. Attending to a flower garden can be very easy and very hassle free if some simple rules are followed concerning the type of garden you […]

Principles Of Garden Design To Bear In Mind

Principles Of Garden Design To Bear In Mind

Garden design isn’t complicated, but in order to have a beautiful yet functional garden, there are a few basic principles behind it: When you are planning your garden design, you should carefully consider sun exposure and the location for your plants. Plants have their own sun exposure requirements, and failing to provide them with adequate […]

growing sunflower plant

How To Grow Sunflower Plants In Your Garden?

As an industrious gardener you tend to look for flowers that can add beauty to your background landscape, this can be in its foliage and beautiful spectrum of colors. One of these plants that are popular with gardeners is the sunflower plant. This summer plant adds color to any garden. The plant is also useful, […]

pruning rose plant

Rose Pruning – The Delight Of Spring Gardening

Roses are the bespoke queens of any garden. Pruning is a process that seems not easy to manage. Often gardeners are wondering how exactly to prune the roses, without destroying their growth. By pruning you are healing the diseased part of the pants, as well as you are removing the dead stems and canes. This […]

Tree Guard

Uses Of Tree Guards For Your Growing Tree

Trees can make every garden more attractive, shady, and cool. They also provide you with fresh clean air. Fruit bearing trees are excellent sources of fruits for your everyday meal. However, growing trees can also be difficult, especially when you don’t know how to take care of them. Young trees need proper care and protection […]