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tray landscaping

Penjing And The Art Of Tray Landscaping

As the art of bonsai has become hugely popular the world over, another similar concept that is also catching on is Penjing, the Chinese art of tray scenery. In fact the Japanese art of Bonsai is derived from the ancient art of Penjing. This is also known as Penzai (the word bonsai is the Japanese […]

tree branches 2

Mending The Tree Branches Heavy With Fruit

Fruit branches broken because of the heavy load of fruit are not an uncommon sight for orchards. Even the very well cared fruit trees experience this problem especially if a stormy weather meets the ripping period of the fruit. Most people tend to simply cut down the wounded branches which is neither smart nor green. […]

Garden Vastu Tips - Part 2

Garden Vastu Tips – Part 2

In part 1 of this post we spoke about the principles of Vastu Shastra that can be incorporated into your garden that can result in beneficial impact; here are some additional principles that can be of help when incorporated into the garden: The garden should have a focal point (not necessarily in the center) such […]

summer gardening

8 Helpful Guiding Lines For Summer Gardening

Summer means blooming gardens and beautiful plants in them. It is especially considered to be a busy period for gardeners as there are a lot of chores they need to do to take care of their plant varieties and the garden as a whole. Below are some of the important tasks which should be included […]

garden lawn

Keep Your Lawn Free Of Weeds And Chemicals

Controlling your lawn doesn’t sound the easiest thing for many gardeners, which are trying to remove the weed without any chemicals or toxins. Yet, for the organic farmers there is a method to control the weed in a natural way. Here are few tips how to grow weed- free lawn without the interference of the […]

Garden Vastu Tips - Part 1

Garden Vastu Tips – Part 1

As the ancient principles of Feng Shui are used to design a garden for optimization of energy and luck, so can the principles of Vastu Shastra be incorporated into the scheme of your garden to positively impact one’s mood, health and even prosperity. Some of the basic principles to be followed for your garden as […]

sweet potatoes

Sweet Potatoes – A Different Approach To Growing Them

Most of the vegetables tend to droop in the summer heat but sweet potatoes are an exception as far as this behavior is considered. High temperature is one of the most essential requirements for their proper growth. They have seen growing in areas raging from Southern climates to Central Pennsylvania with equal qualities. Trying different […]

fall vegetables

Fall Vegetables Are Treasures In Your Garden

In case you want to grow fall vegetables in your garden, this is surely one of the easiest things to do. This is so, because the fall vegetables don’t require any special care and you don’t need to spend much time on them. The autumn conditions for growing are perfect for many vegetables, but preferably […]

The Garden Hammock – A Great Idea!

The Garden Hammock – A Great Idea!

If there is one thing that spells happy days in a tropical paradise, then it would have to be a hammock, equally a hammock is about lazy summer afternoons curled up with a long, tall, cool glass of fresh juice, or just a book. A hammock for two is something that spells instant romance! A […]

gardening gloves

What Gloves Are Fit For Which Gardening Activity?

Season has changed and it is again that time of the year when gardeners have to clean and pack the gardening tools after carefully using them in spring. For some people, gardening is a leisure activity, but for others, it is their profession. This is one activity which asks for skill as well as creativity. […]