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container gardening

Not Enough Space? You Can Still Have a Garden

Any gardener knows that landscaping is an art. In case you are having a small backyard, you can create a wonderful landscape that is going to beautify your entire home. The first thing you need to do is to pull out a plan about landscaping your garden. Forget about the boulders and the rocks, because […]

fir tree

Last Fall Days – Preparing the Garden for Winter

Take advantage of the last beautiful fall days and use them to gather, plant and prepare the garden for winter before the first frost. The last days of fall are appropriate for seeding. So any seeding you need done should be done these days before the cold arrives. In case the fall nights announce low […]

clay pots

History of Clay Pots – An Important Element of Gardening

The humble clay pot has been around in the gardening world ever since the reign of Ramses III. The Roman senators considered the clay pot a trend and Cosimo di Medici brought it back into the public’s attention. Luc della Robbia decorated it and made it look like a piece of art. Thus goes the […]


Day Flowers and Night Flowers – Why Are They This Way?

Even if they are planted in the garden or in a container, at the first glance the plants seem not to move an inch. But all of us know that if we fast forward a motion picture focused on a flower, we would see it moves after the sun. There are also flowers that bloom […]

raised bed garden

Winter Landscaping – Ideas and Options

Many professional gardeners confess that winter landscaping is actually more interesting than the summer landscaping. Winter landscaping is also a matter of personal touch; so if you have a garden, try to beautify your landscape with what winter offers you. The raised bed garden is one of the most popular gardens in the winter. It […]

indoor plants

The Right Way to Take Care of Your Indoor Plants

In case you are an indoor plants fan you would wish from the bottom of your heart to have a home that will sparkle with the beauty of the flowers you raise in pots. Even if this task may seem somehow difficult this dream can come true without fuss following simple rules. Plants can grow […]


Christmas Plants And The Delicate Care They Need

Many people have Christmas plants at home, but don’t really know how to take care of these winter beauties. In case you don’t know anything about the Christmas plants, here are some things that may help you grow healthy plants indoors. The so called Christmas plants are the poinsettia, the amaryllis and the narcissus. They […]

jasmine live fence

The Jasmine Live Fence – a Scented Beauty to Treasure

The jasmine bush is a thick plant, growing straight up extremely fast, sometimes reaching 2-3 m in height. It is a treasure to have in your garden especially in summer when the sweet mild perfume is spread from the white-yellow flowers all around the garden. It is a beautiful decorative bush because the leaves, in […]

uneven ground

Uneven Ground – A Challenge for Gardening Beginners

Uneven gardens are a challenge for many gardeners, but if you really like to deal with the problem, here are few tips on how to do it. In case you want to flatten your garden, this isn’t going to be as difficult as you thought. Start with the grass and use a good weed killer. […]