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spring garden

7 Steps to a New Spring Garden

With the spring in mind many gardeners feel the urge of giving their garden a makeover. So here are the basic steps to make some changes and get a new look for your garden. 1. Line it up Make the best of your landscaping idea and be bold. Play with the lines and trace curves, […]

potato varieties

Potatoes – Plant the Best Variety of Your Choice

Potatoes are the leading food crop along with wheat and rice. It is the staple food for many countries and it is grown all over the globe. Potatoes are grown as a commercial crop and also by gardeners who like to grow different varieties of potatoes which may not be readily available in the modern […]

trees in bloom

Amazing Trees in Bloom for a Spectacular Garden

The trees in bloom are surely a spectacular addition to the garden. Here are the most fascinating ornamental trees which can become the “piece de resistance” in your garden. Magnolia grandiflora is specific to the south of the world and has an imposing height equaled only by its imposing flowers. This tree can be found […]

garden seeds

The How Tos of Plant Propagation

Spring is about to come very soon. Therefore, the gardeners are preparing for plant propagation. In case you are a newbie in this matter, here are few tips on how to do it yourself. There are many methods by which you can do plant propagation, but in general they are five: seed, cuttings, division, layering, […]

plant seeds

Plant Seeds – How to Handle Them

The garden plants we know and love are naturally multiplied by seeds. Taking care of the plants may come naturally to many of us but taking care of the seeds is an entirely different matter. Some seeds are easier to collect than others and knowing the logical steps can be very helpful. For the tomatoes […]

circular garden

Urban Gardening – Make It Circular

Urban gardening is surely a growing trend and if the space is available for creating a garden why not make a circular one. Circular gardens are not a new concept and are all about display. They can be the most creative combination of vegetables and flowers and most of them can actually be more productive, […]

balcony garden

The Balcony Garden – Reasons to Give It a Try?

Gardening is one of the most relaxing activities combining the useful times with the pleasant ones. A garden balcony can be a rewarding challenge you should take on especially if you live inside an apartment. As a result you will get vegetables you can use in the kitchen but also the chance to relax with […]

orchid flower

Helping Your Orchid Rebloom – The Challenges

Reblooming the orchids is surely a challenge for any gardener. In case you don’t know how to do it, here are few tips about it. At first, reblooming depends entirely on the orchid species. Each species of orchid has its requirements for reblooming. The experts advise to plant the most commercial varieties, for they are […]

purple orchid

The Adventure of Growing Orchids

Many plant loving people prefer to grow orchids inside the home rather than outside in a garden. The orchids are exotic plants slightly sensible and picky, and especially because that it is mandatory you would follow some rules when growing them. The home grown orchids need the right amount of light and in case you […]