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zen garden

The 2011 Gardening Trends

Having a place where you can rest after a crowded day at the office is a dream. A garden with a contemporary design where you can socialize with family and friends is a good idea. The 2011 gardening trends call for a slightly different touch so far design is concerned. Though in general the modern […]

organic gardening

Beginners Guide to Growing Organic Veggies

It is now “back to the basics”. People are now appreciating what their ancestors had done for centuries, the things they forgot in the name of modernity and scientific advancement: namely organic farming. With more and more people realizing the benefits of organic gardening and farming, they are now giving up the use of chemicals […]

gardening tips

Gardening Tips – The Right Way to Plant

Spring, summer, fall and winter – All seasons can make our gardens look their best. Each of them has its own way of adding color to the garden and it’s up to us to let it do so. If you are a beginner in gardening you will have to learn a few things in order […]


Tulips – How to Plant the Joy of Spring

The spring flowers are surely a joy for the garden. Their colorful, luscious petals are part of the spring’s charm that makes us impatient to see them in bloom. Tulips are certainly some of the most loved garden flower. This gift of spring is very common in the spring days and having them in your […]

moving garden plants

The Right Way to Move Garden Plants

No matter how careful you are about moving the plants around your garden you must keep in mind that they were taken out of the ground. After being removed from their environment the plants enter a state of shock, state determined by the way we manipulate them. Because of that they need special attention. The […]

roof garden

What Plants Are Right for a Rooftop Garden?

In case you are living in a big city, you probably dream about having a garden. If you are not living in a house with a big yard, you can have your garden on your roof. This is not a new idea, but it is very best for people that love to spend their time […]

right soil

Beginner’s Guide to the Right Soil for Flower Pots

The plants that are grown in regular pots or in any other type of containers have only a limited amount of earth to use for growing. As a plus the extensive watering destroys the nutrients inside the soil. This is why the soil preparation for these plants must be done according to the type of […]

snowy garden

Is Snow Good for Vegetable Gardens?

Recently the U.S. suffered from lots of snow, but this isn’t as bad as you think. Snow is a blessing, especially for the vegetable gardens. Actually the old farmers prefer a snowy winter than a smooth winter season. According to the scientists, the connection between the cold and the earth is a natural one. During […]