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green list of skin irritants

Green List of Skin Irritants

Starting the day, cherishing the lush greenery can be a bright idea, unless it ends with bristles and rashes on your skin caused by the seemingly harmless plants. Skin contact with a potentially hazardous plant can result in cutaneous irritations that can range from mild to severe, sometimes needing immediate medical attention. However, people respond […]

vinegar the garden wonder

Vinegar- The Garden Wonder

Natural and eco-friendly methods do not always necessarily signify spending more bucks. This can be exemplified by the use of natural and organic pesticides, insecticides and fungicides without the extravagant use of the harmful chemical counterparts widely available in the market. This natural secret of a good gardener is vinegar. This cheap, widely available substance […]

tips to avoid contamination

Tips to Avoid Contamination by Cross Pollination

Cross pollination occurs between plants of closely related genetic pool, and hence the germ cells of those plants are compatible to give rise to viable seeds. However, cross pollination is an unfavorable event for the gardeners since; a plant of superior quality may be accidentally fertilized by another of inferior quality. This can give rise […]

plant hybridization

Plant Hybridization: A New Era of Cultivation

Hybridization is the process of breeding of a plant or an animal from a given stock with a plant or an animal from a different stock, that is, they differ in their respective races, varieties, breeds, species or even genera. Hybridization, specifically, plant hybridization, was an operational practice since the time human beings had learned […]

the new western garden book

5 Apps For A Beautiful Garden

You may be wondering about the different ways to garnish that weed-overgrown backyard of yours into a pretty, flowery garden with various ornamental flora, and flowering plants adorning your house. However, whether you are an avid gardener or a beginner in the art of gardening, you might need some real guidance from the experts in […]