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weeding the foxtails

Weeding the Foxtails

Growing your own garden is always a difficult task, but nothing makes things harder than dealing with foxtails. This invasive grass-type weed can grow anywhere grass normally grows, so it goes without saying that your beautiful yard is a prime target for this pesky invader to try and find a home for itself in. It […]

prevention of frosty garden hoses

Prevention of Frosty Garden Hoses

It is that time of the year again when you get to enjoy the holidays, make yourself cozy near the fire, and sip the hot coco with marshmallows. However, if you are garden person you can feel a little down for all the loss of activities throughout this season that you could have indulged yourself […]

buying garden furniture online

Guidebook on Buying Garden Furniture Online

Online shopping has become a rave these days and people are buying every possible thing available in the websites – yes, even as huge as furniture! However when you buy furniture from online stores, you need to follow some caution as you will not be able to inspect them physically while you place the order. […]

make a meditation garden

How to Make a Meditation Garden?

Meditation needs peace of mind; and where can you get it better than in the lap of nature? A meditation garden is made as a place of retreat, where you can meditate with a relaxed and soothed mind and soul. Garden itself is an ideal place for unwinding the stress of a hectic and busy […]

growing and caring for dahlias

All about Growing and Caring for Dahlias

Dahlias are colorful blooms to your garden and are related to the family of daisy, sunflower, chrysanthemum and zinnia. Dahlias are usually planted during the spring season and the soil has to be warm enough to a temperature of 55 – 60 degrees. This article will talk about the ways and tips to plant and […]