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roof top vegetable garden

Points to Remember While you make Roof Top Vegetable Garden

Creating a veggie garden on the rooftop has become one of the most common and adorable gardening delights for passionate gardeners. The prime reason for this is lack of space – the restricted spaces allowed for gardening in high rises and congested colonies could not set back the love for vegetable gardens but bring on […]

Garden Furniture- Make Wise Selection to have Some Amazing Relaxing Time

Can you image your home and outdoors without having any furniture? Definitely not, no matter however interesting, well planned or stylish your interiors are, the look is incomplete without appropriate furniture pieces. Though there are some pieces that add style and luxury to your home, but the fact cannot be denied that there are certain […]

how to go ahead with Butterfly gardening

How to go Ahead with Butterfly Gardening

Gardening to attract the butterflies is a hobby for some people. Not only does it look beautiful, but it is also ecological, since through this way you are helping the butterflies to breed. But in order to attract butterflies to your garden, you need to plan properly. Few Tips to Plan your Butterfly Garden Here […]

truths behind the popular gardening myths

Learn the 5 Truths Behind the Popular Gardening Myths

Gardening is an art and the real tricks of the trade can be gained only through experience. If you ask the gardeners about their knowledge banks, most will say it to be their parents or grandparents. The gardening dictions that passes down from the previous generations are essentially always not correct and scientific. As technology […]

tips on growing and caring for mulberry tree

Best Set of Tips on Growing and Caring for Mulberry Tree

Mulberry trees are a delight to watch; they are also easy to care plants thus most of the gardens having enough space do plant mulberry trees. With proper care and favourable conditions, mulberry trees usually yield vast stock of sweet fruits. Mulberry trees need space and grow up to huge trees therefore they are not […]

versatile lavender plant

Looking for a Versatile Lavender Plant?

Lavender is a beautiful plant that looks great in virtually any garden. There are 39 species of the genus. Here I am going to tell you about one of my favourites – Hidcote Lavender. A Splash of Colour This is a purple lavender with a traditional look and aroma. It grows tall, with the violet […]

orchid care mistakes that you can avoid

7 Common Orchid Care Mistakes that you can Avoid

Orchids have become a symbol for love and beauty; thousands of people plant orchids in home and surroundings fascinated by their sheer elegance! However, if you are one of them who love orchids yet is afraid to plant it at home because of the care and time it might take, then this article would be […]