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easy to grow flowering plants

Top 10 Easy to Grow Flowering Plants

Gardening is a well known and time honored hobby for many – irrespective of age and gender. Though some people go for kitchen gardening, generally more people seem interested in flower-plants. All flowering plants are not easy to grow; some of them need meticulous processes and care all year round like the rose, while there […]

pros and cons of teak outdoor furniture

Pros and Cons of Teak Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture is made up from a variety of material – natural as well as manufactured. While buying patio furniture, the buyers have a list of things in mind like durability, looks, maintenance and others. Among all the other materials, wooden patio furniture tops the list because of its array of benefits. Wooden furniture is […]

trellis design ideas

6 Attractive Trellis Design Ideas

The trellis can just create magic not only in your garden, but your entire house. A trellis is basically an architectural structure which is made from a framework of interwoven pieces of wood or bamboo. Metals are also used to make the lattice. It is mainly used to give support to the climbing plants. Making […]

differences between scissors and shears for gardens

The Top Differences Between Scissors and Shears for Gardens

When it comes to gardening tools, a lot of people do not know about the exact ones to use for specific tasks and tend to use a single tool for different things. This is especially true for those who are new to this field or hobby and they may often get confused and end up […]

greenhouse gardening tips for beginners

Greenhouse Gardening Tips for Beginners

Greenhouse gardening is popular among all who loves gardening. A greenhouse can really be an asset to you and your garden as it can keep the temperature suitable for the growth of your vegetables and flowers, even in harsh weather. To have a perfect green house you need to take into consideration many aspects like […]

tips on growing exotic vegetables

7 Tips on Growing Exotic Vegetables

If you love gardening then growing exotic vegetables will definitely be an interesting thing to do. This will not only improve your skills of gardening but will also provide you with fresh and healthy stock of exotic vegetables to be consumed.  Like any other plant, exotic vegetables also need proper care for optimal growth and […]

take care of indoor plants when you are away on vacation

Ways to Take Care of Indoor Plants when you are Away on Vacation

Keeping plants indoor is a great way to have a lively space and enough oxygen inside your home. Though it is easy to take care of them while you are there but you cannot leave the plants unattended when you are away. Although it takes effort, it is significant to take proper care of your […]

ways to take care of your garden hedges

3 Best Ways to Take Care of your Garden Hedges

Well maintained garden hedge can add beauty and elegance to your garden and home. It provides coolness of greenery as well as privacy and shade to your garden. A garden hedge can also be a comfortable habitat for small birds and it can provide wind protection as well. If you plan to have a garden […]

christmas garden decoration ideas

6 Innovative Christmas Garden Decoration Ideas

Christmas is the festival of joy and the season brings in a lot of good will and high spirits. In order to make your home and garden ready to welcome your friends and guests for parties, it is ideal to decorate it in line with festive spirit. If you can decorate your garden using some […]

fruit plants and trees for beginner’s garden

6 Easy to Grow Fruit Plants and Trees for Beginner’s Garden

Gardening at home has its own pleasure and this hobby can be started at any age. With the restricted space problem in most of the residential areas, you might be wondering how to grow fruit plants and trees in your home – well always you don’t need a huge orchard to grow them. Especially, if […]