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wood vs. metal garden furniture

Wood vs. Metal Garden Furniture

When it comes to choosing furniture for your garden or patio, there are two main options that lie in front of us-wood and metal furniture.  We all want our garden furniture to be durable, weather proof, comfortable and of course aesthetically appealing.  It is thus important to do your research properly and only then pick […]

solar vs. electric garden lights

Solar vs. Electric Garden Lights

For every garden or backyard space, it is important to have sufficient lighting. Not only does it helps you create better visibility but also deters crime and unwanted access. There are many kinds of lighting options available for gardens but the most popular ones are solar and electric garden lights. Both have their advantages and […]

effective ways and tips to grow bananas

5 Effective Ways and Tips to Grow Bananas

Bananas are definitely one of the most tasty and healthy fruits in the world. If you wish to have your own produce of healthy and fresh bananas, then you must know that you can grow your own banana plant by following some gardening tips. If you are someone who lives in a warm climate or […]

tips and ways to care for dianthus

9 Best Tips and Ways to Care for Dianthus

Dianthus are 1 inch tiny flowers which have ruffled edges and are usually found in attractive shades of pink.  These are perennial flowers which usually bloom and grow in mid-to-late springs. These flowers smell a little like cloves and can grow upto a size of 12 inches or higher. What makes them special or unique […]