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japanese knotweed

Japanese Knotweed: Everything You Need to Know

No matter whether you’re a recreational gardener with only a few spare hours per week, an avid home gardener with an allotment or a builder or landscaper who spends the majority of their time in the garden, it’s more than likely that you’re heard of Japanese Knotweed and the perils it can provide. In this […]

indoor organic gardening

Tips to make Indoor Organic Gardening Easier

Indoor organic gardening is one of the most popular forms of gardening and is one type which is slowly becoming more common around the world.  If the gardener has the right knowledge and the suitable tools, this form of gardening can offer benefits not only during one particular season but all year round. When you […]

metal sheds for garden

Plastics Vs Metal Sheds for Garden

If you are someone who owns a garden or lawn, then you must know the importance of having some place to store the various gardening tools, equipments and other things. A garden shed is a superb way to create storage for those kinds of items which you need to place outside or are useful for […]

herb gardening kits

The Many Varieties of Herb Gardening Kits you can Choose From

If you are someone who is interested in growing an herb garden, then the first thing that you will need to buy is an herb garden kit or an herb gardening kits.  An Herb garden kit is basically a package which consists of everything that you will need to grow herbs in your garden or […]

take care of your garden during monsoons

Superb Ways to Take Care of your Garden During Monsoons

Rains prove to be one of the best gifts and blessings for your garden. The life giving water acts as a wonderful way for the garden to bloom, get nurtured and produce important nutrients. But during the monsoon season, excessive rains can prove to have an opposite impact on your garden. Thus extra care must […]

garden decorating ideas for your next party

Amazing Garden Decorating Ideas for your Next Party!

If you have a garden at home, then what’s the need to spend on booking a restaurant or a bar for parties? Well, your outdoor garden has all the ingredients of a superb party place. Not only does it offer a great view and environment but is cozy, homely and full of greenery! But in […]

tips for reducing water usage in garden

Top 4 Tips for Reducing Water Usage in Garden

Our gardens are one of the most water consuming parts of our house and is an area which needs regular watering and washing. But conserving water is an activity which is important for saving the environment and we must all take it seriously.  By saving the amount of water used in the garden, we can […]

know all about hori hori

Know All About Hori Hori – The All in One Gardening Tool

In Japanese the word Hori means “to dig”, as a digging sound is repetitive, so is the name Hori Hori which is an onomatopoeia. It is also known as the “wedding knife” or “soil knife”. Hori Hori is actually known to be one of the best garden equipment. This garden tool was actually used by […]

benefits of using cane garden furniture

Top 6 Benefits of Using Cane Garden Furniture

Cane furniture, which is also known as wicker furniture or rattan furniture, is one of the most popular materials for furniture pieces, especially when it comes to garden or lawn furniture.  Cane is basically a raw material which is obtained from the rattan plant and has many benefits and advantages.  It is not just ideal […]

taking care of citrus fruit plans

Taking Care of Citrus Fruit Plants

A tree that produces fruits which are juicy and need to be peeled off before consumption are generally categorised as citrus fruits. Fruits like lime, lemon, oranges, clementine, blood oranges, etc. are citrus fruits. They are farmed in the warm countries for better quality of fruit production. These fruits contain vitamin C, glycaemic carbohydrate, non-glycaemic […]