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vegetables that need shady space for healthy growth

Vegetables that need “Shady” Space for Healthy Growth

Before you know about the vegetables that can grow in shade, understand well that all vegetables need at least 3 to 4 hours of sunlight. However, it does not mean that a vegetable garden needs to bake in the sun for days on end. You can create a patch where you can arrange for dappled […]

moss in lawn

Effective and easy tips to Get Rid of Moss in Lawn

Mosses are tiny plants that form an environment for small invertebrates. Although, mosses are benign and native in nature and mostly grows in vegetation’s, like gardens, lawns and paddy fields. They don’t kill your plant, instead prevents soil erosion; but the disadvantage of mosses are that they ruin the look of the lawn and also […]

cages and the metal supports

Top 5 Options to Provide Support to the Garden Plants

You will be startled to see how fast plants will grow once planted in the garden; it’s a joyous experience indeed to see small sprouts growing to six feet tall trees. However, it’s a challenge for the gardener to make the plants grow firm, stout and strong towards the sky. For this purpose you will […]

garden mistakes you should avoid

The 4 most common Garden Mistakes you should Avoid

Gardening can always be considered a fun adventure and an ideal way to spend your time. It will definitely bring peace and it can be considered a wonderful hobby. No matter even if you know everything about gardening, however, sometimes you tend to do some mistakes, which are common in nature. To create a beautiful […]

row covers in garden

Row Covers and its use in a Garden

A gardener faces a number of problems like the fear of insects, late frosts or a short growing season. However, thankfully with the development of row covers in the garden, a gardener can come over these problems in an eco friendly manner. Row covers are quite useful for any garden and come in a variety […]


7 Must Have Plants for Your Herb Garden

If you are planning on having your own herb garden, then there are many things that you will need to keep in mind while designing it. One of these things is the plants that you must grow in the garden to make it useful and effective. Herbs are one of the most useful of all […]

Suggestions to Plan a Garden in Small Space

Tips and Suggestions to Plan a Garden in Small Space

If you have a small space in the house for a garden then it is really very important to plan your garden carefully so that it can prove productive and gives highest yield possible from that area.  Even a small space can have all sought of plants like fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs but this […]

PVC pipes

5 Ways to Create A Mini Greenhouse

If you are someone who loves greenhouses and wishes to have a mini one at home or any other area, then you have landed on the right page.  Greenhouses are not too difficult to create but require a little hardwork, precision and some useful tips and creative ideas.  You can either make a single plant […]

Grow plants in troughs

5 Gardening Tips for Designing Rock Gardens

Rock gardens are one of the most beautiful and interesting looking gardens which need precision, planning and good designing to be created.  For gardening enthusiasts, preparing a rock garden can be a very rewarding experience and doing so is the most satisfying form of gardening for them. But there are several designing points that one […]

Vegetable gardens

5 Tips to Make a Pet Friendly Garden

When you are planning your garden or garden design, there are several things that you might want to consider and one of those things is whether or not your garden design is suitable for your pet.  Your pet must be comfortable in your garden and should feel easy enough to play, run and rest in […]