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things to consider while buying used garden furniture

Things to Consider While Buying used Garden Furniture

Nothing can match the quality time spend in your garden with your near and dear ones enjoying a cup of coffee or just chatting away on a lovely evening. The outdoor or garden furniture requires detailed attention as these are built to last and withstand various climatic conditions. Since garden furniture is usually built to […]

low cost garden decoration ideas for those on a budget

Top Low Cost Garden Decoration Ideas for Those on a Budget

If you are someone who is fond of gardening and even has a garden on the backyard of your house, then you must be aware of the costs that go into making a garden look like a dream.  Well, gardens are sure very relaxing and beautiful but it may take some of your monthly expenses […]

how to prevent potato scab

How to Prevent Potato Scab

Often, potatoes grow have rough, brown skin with patches on them. This is a common yet serious disease that the potatoes and some other root crops suffer from known as the common scabs. This disease occurs generally during summer, and though light attacks are superficial, the stronger ones might ruin your crop. However there are […]

take care of geraniums in winter

How to Take Care of Geraniums in Winter

Geraniums are plants of perennial nature found mainly in moderate temperature climate. The flowers have five petals and are of different colors. It is a difficult task to make them survive the cold months, but with a little guidance and proper care geraniums can survive the winters and you can replant them in spring again. […]


The Essential Winter Herbs for your Home

It is difficult to continue growing your summer herbs during the winter months, since there is a drastic change in the weather; therefore you need to select your winter herbs carefully. The winter herbs should get at least 2 hours of morning sun and enough moisture to grow properly. Many people plant their winter herbs […]

how to read a fertilizer label

How to Read a Fertilizer Label

Those who like gardening need to use fertilizers all the time. But while buying them several people face difficulties since there are only a series of numbers, written on the bags. But once you know how to read the label you would not found it difficult any more to read and understand about the content […]

guidebook on how to create a zen garden

Guidebook on How to Create a Zen Garden

When you decorate your house; the design usually comes from various inspirations; similarly while planning out gardens you will come across different types. Stone gardens, contemporary gardens, Zen gardens, modern gardens are just some of the types. You must be thinking that merely some plants and blossoms can make a garden; but if you wish […]

weeding the foxtails

Weeding the Foxtails

Growing your own garden is always a difficult task, but nothing makes things harder than dealing with foxtails. This invasive grass-type weed can grow anywhere grass normally grows, so it goes without saying that your beautiful yard is a prime target for this pesky invader to try and find a home for itself in. It […]

prevention of frosty garden hoses

Prevention of Frosty Garden Hoses

It is that time of the year again when you get to enjoy the holidays, make yourself cozy near the fire, and sip the hot coco with marshmallows. However, if you are garden person you can feel a little down for all the loss of activities throughout this season that you could have indulged yourself […]

buying garden furniture online

Guidebook on Buying Garden Furniture Online

Online shopping has become a rave these days and people are buying every possible thing available in the websites – yes, even as huge as furniture! However when you buy furniture from online stores, you need to follow some caution as you will not be able to inspect them physically while you place the order. […]